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Benefits of having a PEC

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Benefits of having a PEC
Information and Attachments found in PEC messages




Benefits of having a PEC

There are many benefits of having a PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) and many reasons to have one, such as:

Easy to use and manage: a PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) box can be used as a regular e-mail inbox, and it is possible to access your inbox via WebMail or via other inbox softwares (such as Outlook Express, Mozila, etc). Therefore, it is not needed to download and instal any additional Software to access a PEC inbox.

Security: the PEC service makes use of the following security protocols: POP3s, IMAPs, SMTPs and HTTPs. All communication is protected because they are encrypted and digitally signed. Therefore, the PEC user can always be sure that the sent and received messages can’t be forged.

No Virus e Spam: through the utilisation of the security protocols described above and the correct identification of a message sender, the PEC service is immune from all annoying SPAM messages.

Money Saver: comparing the high cost of having a FAX machine and/or sending registered letters to having a PEC account, it is evident that having a PEC not only helps you save money but also helps you save time.

Quick delivery: the delivery time of a PEC message is practically zero if compared to the delivery time of a snail mail letter.

Legal value: the unique feature of a PEC if compared to a traditional e-mail service is that a PEC has the same legal value as a registered letter because:

  • The Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)  guarantees that the message comes from a certified and verified e-mail address activated by a PEC provider.
  • After a PEC message is sent it CAN NOT be altered in all means. And when a PEC message reaches the sender’s certified provider it obtains a unique and precise identification code that will be forward along with the Acceptance Receipt and that will also correspond to the Delivery Receipt.
  • The Delivery Receipt guarantees the sender that the message hasn’t been notified during the sending process.
  • Because the exchange of data is done in a secure protected online environment the total confidentiality of communication is 100% guaranteed: the exchange messages will only be delivered to specified receivers and, for each one, the sender will receive a specific Delivery Receipt.
  • Both Acceptance and Delivery Receipts can be used as legal proof to certified the message delivery date, preserving all communication trace between the sender and the receiver: in case of dispute or litigation the receipts can be presented as legal proof.
  • In the event in which the sender loses the receipts, it is possible to equally track all the operation trace involved: based on the Italian Decreto such data must be preserved for 30 months in a secure computer specially registered by the operators themselves: this tracking register has the same legal value as the receipts.




Information and Attachments found in PEC messages

Inside a PEC message it is possibile to review all the information related to the message itself:

  • Date and time of sending
  • Message subject
  • Message sender
  • Message receiver
  • Message Identification

Attached to a PEC message are included:
– “postacert.eml” that contains the original message sent by the message sender
– “daticert.eml” in XML format that contains the main certification information of the message: header, sender, receiver, day and time of sending, identification, delivery, etc…
– “smile.p7s” that identifies the signature of the PEC provider (usually presented if the message is read via WebMail, while it it not presented if read by client).