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The Posta Elettronica Certificata (Certified Electronic Mail) by is designed to all users that need to securely send and receive messages and its attachments, followed by its sending and delivery confirmation. In addition, by comparing the PEC to a traditional communication tools, such as Fax and registered letter, it is evident the savings that can be achieved given that the cost of the PEC is a fixed price and does not depend on the amount or size of the sent and/or received messages.

Some utilisation examples:

  • Individuals that are willing to avoid expenses when sending registered letters
  • Companies that need to substitute the snail mail method in order to simplify the communication with their clients and providers
  • Public entities that need to send official communication messages to other authorities and/or to the general public
  • Forwarding circulars and official directives
  • Integrating the message transmission into a manageable software, protocols, managing documents and workflow
  • Sending and receiving commercial orders, contracts and invoices
  • Councils and Assemblies convocations
  • Managing invitations and calls
  • Individuals and companies that have the need to send documents to the Public Administration parties